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Run by expert groomer Tracy, Tip to Toe Mobile Dog Groomers travels to you. It’s simple. Your dog can be groomed outside you own front door or place of work. As soon as your dog is groomed they will be right back home to you.


Mobile Dog Grooming Service

• We come to your house, workplace and groom your dog
• Less stress with no mess
• No more smelly dog in your car
• No more rushing back and forward in traffic.
• We service the Meath and Dublin area and beyond.
• Our van is equipped to give the best groom your dog has ever had. Just give us a call to book an appointment!

Benefits to Mobile Grooming

Benefits of a groomed dog are your pet will look and smell nice all the time plus your best pal will be free from discomfort feel great and behave well, reducing the risk of ear, eye, teeth and nail infections ensuring your pet is free from pain and disease.

For your pet there is no waiting around or waiting to be picked up and for the owner there is no more rushing to and from the groomers and no more smelly dog in the car! In short mobile dog grooming brings less stress for everyone. Our mobile parlour is equipped with everything to make your pooch looking fabulous. Contact us today to book an appointment.

I have always loved grooming and taking care of animals.

– Tracy Reilly, Owner and head groomer at Tip to Toe Dog Grooming 



How old should my dog be before I get s/he groomed?

Your puppy should be introduced to grooming as soon as he/she has all his/her injections.

How often should I get my dogs nails clipped?

This is a questions I get asked a lot. There is no exact answers. All dogs are different just like humans.
If your dog is an active dog who walks on concrete a lot usually this will help keep the nails worn,
but always watch out for the dewclaw(thumb) which can curl into the skin if not cut often enough.
Older dogs usually need their nails cut more often than a younger dog as they tend not to put as much weight on their legs and also are a lot less active. If your worried about your dogs nails feel free to drop in for me to take a look and advise you on when they will need clipping. Please dont try clipping them at home as if you clip the quick of your dogs nail to short it will bleed badly and be painful for
your dog, dogs dont forgot and this will upset your dog whenever he/she needs her nail clipped afterwards






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